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Do You Like Movies But Are Often Disappointed With the Quality of Movies?

What Do You Prefer to Experience When Watching Movies?

Tell Us. Tell Us What You Want! Complete our SURVEY, and we’ll inform filmmakers and producers to YOUR wishes on the “Survey Results” page. Membership is FREE!
We hope to provide you with DISCOUNTS on movie ticket or concession purchases, DVD/Blu-Ray sales, and our FORUM is currently available to discuss your thoughts and feelings on movies. Name a Movie. Tell me what you liked about it, and what you didn’t like about it. Tell me what “worked” and what didn’t. This information will also be compiled and presented on the SURVEY RESULTS page. BetterFlicks.com is an ONGOING PROJECT, and there will always be new movies, so come back often and tell us your thoughts and feelings!

Tell your friends about us! Email us with any type of question, comment, or suggestion. Be sure to go “out there,” and SEE MOVIES!! After you have, please go to sites like RottenTomatoes.com, Flixster.com, MetaCritic.com, and IndieWire.com to rate your experience.

We also wish to help motion picture exhibitors and associations such as (in the U.S.) The National Association of Theatre Owners – http://www.NATOonline.org.

Here is a worldwide listing of theater chains: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cinema_and_movie_theater_chains.

Please, visit these sites, take advantage of movie theater memberships, and their movie ticket services. In the US alone, there are a half dozen other online movie ticket services you can utilize.