“Oh… I don’t go to the movies very often” – You do view movies elsewhere, no?

You don’t feel like participating on BetterFlicks.com because you don’t go to the movies very often? BetterFlicks.com is NOT solely for movie theater attendees!
Is a movie theater the only place movies are shown? I know you have a computer. You can utilize several websites and services to see movies on this computer.
It’s a good bet you have a television. Free, and Pay TV show movies all the time. You probably have a Blu-Ray/DVD player, perhaps on your computer or connected to your TV. Who hasn’t seen a movie using a Blu-Ray/DVD player?
Think of all your other electronic devices. You can view movies on them as well, no?
Your feedback will help improve the quality of movies – wherever you view them. If you dislike going to the movies, there are questions in my survey that can help ameliorate the experience. I realize it can be a hassle to go to a movie theater. If you don’t, I’m sure you view movies through other means.
Here’s to better movies! Please, be a part of the movement!

– Louis Menchise

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